Monday, November 27, 2006

Punk Renaissance anyone?

While I obviously enjoy bands like the Dead Kennedys, and the Sex Pistols, I am disappointed to hear so many bands simply (as I see it) rehashing the sound of the early American punk movement. We (those actively involved in punk music) are all clearly drawn to that sound - loud, brutal, aggressive, and angst riddled- or we would not be compelled to create punk rock ourselves. But it's my view that in-order to see a strong revival of the punk music and ideology in the twenty-first century we as a collective must re-invent punk music. Punk music must begin to actively search for new ways to address the issues and changes that have emerged in the last twenty plus years: global warming, the rising cost of living and education to name a few. The political climate in American today, with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the looming threat of a nuclear arms race with Korea, is ripe for a renaissance of punk music and ideology. Already we see punk bands like Anti-Flag gaining recognition in popular culture, while maintaining their highly progressive and radically leftist stands on war, globalization, capitalism, and corporate greed. The local scene is giving way to the national need for unity and a common voice for the next generation of disenfranchised and discontented American youth.

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