Saturday, January 3, 2009

God as Man

We are ourselves are an amalgamation of political, social, and religious believes which we have ether been assimilated into or which we have assimilated into ourselves. We are the misconceived product of evolution, natural selection, and the inconvenient biological side effect of a family, which extends back to the dawn of human existence. If it is our origins (our genetic make up), which defines us as a people we must resign of ourselves to the weaker aspects of our nature, as slaves to our Id. If there is indeed the divine mechanism of history, which we have come to know as fate then we may then abdicate all person responsibility for our actions as victims of God’s greater design. If we entertain the idea of free will and implications of such one is forced to examine the whole of humanity and the history of civilization as product of our own creation. We must therefore assume responsibility for the destruction of God’s creation through the generation and fabrication of our own creation. We destroy, devoir, revise, and reshape this world infinitely in order to emulate, and even depose our creator; reforming God in the image of man. Are we closer to God for what we do? Or are we closer to becoming Gods ourselves?