Monday, November 27, 2006

About Me

I'm going to call myself GENERATION whY. I enjoy expounding on a verity of different philosophical, political, and social issues. I am not a moderate, and what I say may not always be “politically correct,” I don’t believe that social norms can be challenged without stepping beyond their rigidly defined boundaries. I consider myself a conservative; a word that I believe has become horribly twisted and perverted by the Republican Party in recent years. I feel very strong about the conservation of natural resources, like petroleum, lumber, and water. I have been home schooled all my life and I’m appalled at the products of our Prussian based system of institutionalized “schooling”. I believe that organized religion is flawed by the very idea that personal believes can be organized into all in compassing dogmatic rule. I’m a young female sorely disappointed by the fruits of the feminist movement, and “women’s sexual” liberation. And I'm here to talk about it!

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